Monday, February 1, 2016

Yes everyone, I went there. After coming back from the salon (check old post) I noticed that my ends were still split. It got to a point of irritation and me realizing that my ends were fried (the whole bleached part). I actually just wanted to chop my hair off days after getting my silk press but decided against it and said that I would just grow my hair out. But the more I looked at my hair the more irritated and impatient I became so I finally decided to take another trip to the salon and this time I went to Carol's Daughter Mirror salon. My experience there was way different than with the place I went to 3 weeks ago. My stylist seemed to really care about her work and seemed extremely knowledgeable about what she was doing. I just told her I wanted healthy hair and to chop off how much she had to and she cut my hair in a rounded cut. I left the shop feeling much different but refreshed. I actually really like the short hair although I do plan on protective styling for the rest of the Winter. But I love it to the point where I feel like there is a chance when I do go back to visit my stylist I might get a styled cut but we will see... But photoed below is the outcome.

I also recorded my before and after experience so I'll post the videos here
Why I Big Chopped Again

After Getting My Big Chop

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