Thursday, May 30, 2013

Don't Be Afraid To Show It Off !!!

Today was by far the hottest day of the year. I finished school on the 16th and have barely gotten the chance to go outside or see my best friend. So today we decided to go on a movie date to see the Hangover 3 (amazing movie) and it felt good to go out, see her, and enjoy the weather. I went summer shopping like crazy so I finally got to show off some of my items. The only thing that sucked with this outfit is I got way too much attention from men {so sickening}. But I thought the outfit was cute and weather appropriate.

Also I decided to throw on my new sandals that I got specifically for my trip this weekend to Florida. They're so cute - I love them more than I thought I would, and they were only 17 bucks.

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandals: Call It Spring


  1. Those sandals are super cute! Love your jean shorts too. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. Very cute! Looks like your summer ready!


  3. Hey my dear! you have a wonderful blog with great pictures! would you like to follow eachother? let me know by a comment on my blog :)


  4. Cute sandals!
    Perfect for summer

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  6. people will stare and let them stare. You guys look awesome! and loving the cool spike sandals too <3

    check out my new outfit post on blog! :)

  7. Bella!
    You have an interesting blog
    Let's follow each other through GFC :)

    Danica Stark

  8. Nice blog
    keep it up

  9. Girl, I know what you mean when the weather is just too hot. And pervy men really get on my nerves but for the sake of keeping my sanity, I try to cover up more. The shorts are cute and the sandals will literally go with everything! Good buy! xx

  10. Cool post! I want to see Hangover 3 too, kisses chris

  11. Woa! What spiky sandals :O!!! Nice ones ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  12. I love those shoes! Amazing!

  13. Super Cute! I've been planning to go to the movies but still haven't decided what I want to watch! Hangover 3 definitely sounds like a good one! Glad you got to wear your summer-buys! You look très cute!


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