Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Started A Youtube Channel!

I have decided to bring my blogging to video and I filmed my first video today and I am proud of the results. I did a review of JD Glow Cosmetics which have some of the most amazing products. If you love glitter and glam, you might really want to check out this video. This is something that I am just getting into so I am trying to spread the word about it and see how it all goes. I hope you enjoy. Please like, share, and subscribe.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Swarovski Sale!

While at work just a day before my birthday, I came across a customer with a glamorous wrap bracelet around her wrist. I had to ask the affable customer who I had been helping just moments earlier where she got the stunning piece. From my surprise she told me Swarovski. Back in college I had a temporary liking for the brand but then lost my love for jewelry but gained it all back once I got a good job and stepped foot in Kay Jewelers. I thanked the lady and ran to the POS laptop to check out the bracelet on the Swarovski website and shockingly the bracelet was only $69. With multiple colored crystals and being that the bracelet was a wrap style, I thought the price would have been much higher. Just hours until my special day, I knew I had to make it to the nearest Swarovski store because this bracelet needed to be mine. I rushed closing at my job that night and made it into Swarovski literally just minutes before their closing. Out of breathe and in a scramble I began to look around the store for the bracelet the charmed me the most. Then I came across it.
It fit my bracelet perfectly (which meant a lot to be being that I have a small wrist) and the gray basically compliments any outfit. Below are more examples of bracelets that they have for sale. The price drops are amazing.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jump From Paper

When reading the name of this company while checking in product at my job I stayed away from it because I thought it was stationary. But after my co-worker ended up picking the box instead I immediately wished that I did. I have seen these bags before and thought they were super cute but seeing them in real life is a different experience. The way I explained the product was like a mind f**k. It's a cartoon bag that's creative, chic, and cute and priced pretty well. I HAVE to consider owning a piece.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Is Coach Played Out?

As I look at the bags on the shoulders of people in Chelsea I see so many different names. I guess women are loyal to the brand that they love and some just buy a bag that they like despite the designer. But I had an innocent conversation with my co-workers and we talked about their view on Coach. They thought that maybe the brand was starting to fade out and despite their feelings toward it, there has always been one brand that I immediately run to when I feel the need to splurge on a new bag(s) and that is Coach. Since I am not where I dream to be financially I have no shame in admitting that I do love to hit up the Coach outlets whenever I am out of town. But to get back to the debate on if Coach is played out or not, that is something that I would have to disagree with my co-workers on. I am not trying to bias because I love the brand but I have seen a few people still happily sporting their Coach bags although there is so much competition on the market. I love Coach because it is a bag that I can afford, it is authentic leather, and the customer service is great. I picked up two bags while I was there. But here is a photo of the backpack.

This is an image directly from their website. The backpack that I got at their outlet store has a bit of different detailing. The logo is above the top turn lock and there are no studs on the side. Also, at the outlet the bags only came in black, a hot pink, and brown. The official Coach website has more options.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Faux Locks Protective Style

For all of those that know me, you know that I like to change my hair style quite frequently. But this time around since I did cut my hair, I am trying to focus on maintaining a style for at least 4 weeks minimum. I had my HerGivenHair in before this style but decided to change it up a little before my weave reinstall. So I decided to do something fun and edgy and thought of faux locks. I installed this by crochet braiding them and the style took under 2 hours. Here are some pics:

My mother actually did my install and the hair cost me $7 a pack. I paid about $45 total. Share what you think of my new look :)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Newest Obsession...

With warmer weather approaching and me not being able to wear open toe shoes to my job, skippies (what I like to call them) - basically light weight sneakers that I can just put on my foot and go and also very inexpensive - are my favorite things to wear. Platform sneakers specifically have become something that I have recently gotten into.If these were presented to me a few years ago I would have gagged at the thought of anything with a supersized platform on my feet, but now I can't get enough of these sneakers. My job actually teamed up with Keds and we are seliing their new platform ones in our store. Here is what the display and their new sneaker looks like.

They are very simple but yet very chic. I feel like these are sneakers that I can wear with any and everything. From a pair of sweats for a store run to a dress out on a casual date.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I was finally able to get my hands on this bad boy after refusing to go through another wash day without it. Ladies & gentlemen tonight I am going to introduce you to the brand Aquis. The product that I own from this company is called Lisse Luxe Hair Towel which is a microfiber hair towel which dries hair in such a short amount of time. I swear to you I had this towel wrapped around my hair for no more than 10 minutes and after my hair was only damp. I am sure if I would have kept it on longer my hair would of been dry completely but due to the fact that I was in a rush 10 minutes was all I had. But that was enough time for me to actually see if the product worked or not and please let me tell you it does. There is even a waffle luxe hair towel for more course hair (I probably should definitely own this one). The description specifically says African hair or Asian hair. You can click here to see all the products from the brand which feature body towels and more!