Wednesday, February 10, 2016


When I first started working at my job I was introduced to a brand named Urbanears which makes headphones. I actually saw these guys at my previous job but the ones that were being introduced to me now were much different. Yes they appeared like the pair that I had seen previously but they were in face very different. For starters, they were wireless but also came with a cord in case you forgot to charge them. Also, you could change songs as well as play or stop them just with a swipe of the right side of the headphones. These bad boys only retailed for $100. I thought that they were the coolest things ever and now...I finally have a pair. I don't have the fancy ones that I just described but I do have the ones that are identical but don't do all the super cool things lol. Urbanears have headphones in all sorts of colors...I have the lilac ones. They are having a sale on their website now if you guys want to check it out. Their Website

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