Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do Women With Natural Hair Need a Salon?

Hello all and happy new year! Today I went to a salon here in Harlem because I saw that for the past 3 months I was not retaining length and I was at a complete lost on what the issue was. I thought that maybe it was my ends but I really just wanted to confirm as well as know the status of my hair. I was right about my ends being the issue and I learned a couple of things while visiting the salon. First I must say that my stylist did an amazing job on my hair. I got a silk press, a deep condition and a trim. I swear I did not even know my hair could get this straight and the shine is amazing. My hair has never looked so good natural. But an interesting thing my stylist told me after I asked him was it okay if I used coconut oil to moisturize my hair while it was straight was that the scalp produces natural oils that will moisturize the hair on its own. Also he told me that although the natural hair community is scared of heat, heat is good for the hair. So I will definitely be going back to the salon in the future but not for his suggested 2 weeks. I will wash my hair when it needs to be washed and go to the salon maybe every month or so because it is not cheap lol Here are the results of my salon visit today

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