Saturday, January 2, 2016

Colourpop Cosmetics

By now I am sure that most of you have heard of this brand right now. They are pretty known for making great quality affordable make up. Their ultra matte lip is only $6 and their lippie stick and eye shadow retail for only $5. But what also makes this shop special is it is only an online retailer based our of California. I first knowingly spotted one of their products when one of my good friends posted a picture on instagram and I just had to know where she got her lipstick from and she directed me to this website. I tried the eye shadow, ultra matte lip as well as the lippie stix. I will tell you what I love about the products and what I least like about the products.
First I will start off with the untra matte lip

I actually brought the colors Sundae (shown in picture) and StingRAYE. I must say that StingRAYE is the first nude color EVER that I have tried on my lips that I actually like. Both of these colors are well pigmented and see to last a fair amount of time. The don't come off on your drink which I love. But these babies really are ultra matte and I swear my lips have never felt drier. It is really an uncomfortable feeling so what I usually do is put some chap stick over it but I feel like that messes up the consistency of the ultra matte its self so I am still trying to figure out how to make this work for me. Also a con is that these bad boys stain your lips.

Secondly we have the lippie stick.

I purchased Grind (pictured above) and Wet. I must say that I absolutely hate wet. It is a foil and I love foils but this one did not work for me at all. Grind on the other hand I can not stop wearing. I would definitely purchase more of these but I must say that one thing that I do not love is the smell of these.

Lastly, I did try out the eye shadow.

I purchased So Quiche (pictures above) and dare which is like a nude color with lots of sparkles of course. One thing that I will say about their shadows is that they are very pigmented and the colors and well defined. I love this and please believe that I do wear these eye shadows casually and I have been complimented on them more than one.

So overall I really do love this brand and I recommend it to everyone. They have colors that will appeal to everyone's liking and if you're not a matte person you can always go for the lippie stick.

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