Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stop Romanticizing People That Hurt You

Today I saw this and it hit so close to home. I have had an on and off again battle with finding myself and getting so wrapped up in the words of the opposite sex and I basically find myself doing this often. No matter how badly people have hurt me I tend to look back at the situation and think of the good times we shared together and all the laughter and days spent just enjoying each others company. But yet, the picture is so much bigger than that. What about the time when they made me look a fool by not claiming me or ignored my calls after the suicide threats and so on and so fourth? I do not know why this is something that I do so often but I do know that this a habit that has lead me back into the arms of danger far too many times. Although I am not completely free of this horrible habit when I do get caught up in doing this I try to snap myself out of it and look at the situation realistically and for what it was. But I guess the point of me writing this is that hopefully this can help someone who is reading this. Stop magnifying the good moments and be sure to remember how they REALLY made you feel. Those nights you went to sleep crying, those days where you felt like you weren't worth anything, those days where you literally looked up to the sky and asked God why this was happening to you again. Please don't forget that you do matter and if someone tries to tell you or treat you like you don't, walk away from that person because you do not need that kind of energy in your life.

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