Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Newest Obsession...

With warmer weather approaching and me not being able to wear open toe shoes to my job, skippies (what I like to call them) - basically light weight sneakers that I can just put on my foot and go and also very inexpensive - are my favorite things to wear. Platform sneakers specifically have become something that I have recently gotten into.If these were presented to me a few years ago I would have gagged at the thought of anything with a supersized platform on my feet, but now I can't get enough of these sneakers. My job actually teamed up with Keds and we are seliing their new platform ones in our store. Here is what the display and their new sneaker looks like.

They are very simple but yet very chic. I feel like these are sneakers that I can wear with any and everything. From a pair of sweats for a store run to a dress out on a casual date.

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