Sunday, December 13, 2015

Because Everyone Needs One

I'm not sure if you guys are hip to it yet but working at my new job I have discovered something amazing - the S'well bottle. This is not just your ordinary water bottle. Besides the fact that these bottles come in many different designs, this bad boy keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. There are a lot of bottles on the market but I have yet to come across one that does this. Not only is the s'well bottle claimed to do this, it actually does. It retails for $42 and I was a bit hesitant on buying one but when I realized how my iced coffee waters down during my 8 hour shifts I figured I could really use this. I have tried this with both water and coffee, leaving the water in the bottle for my whole shift and it stayed cold the whole time. The coffee I drank within a couple of hours but there was still ice in the bottle. I really recommend that every one owns one of these.

S'well bottle update: I actually put Macchiotto in my bottle yesterday about 5:30PM. I wanted to actually leave it in the bottle for 24 hours to see if it would still be cold. Well at around 6:30AM this morning, I went to sip it and it was not hot, it was slightly cold but you could tell it was getting colder. So maybe it does not REALLY keep your drink cold for 24 hours but who needs a drink cold for the long anyways? I guess the perks of this bottle (besides the fact that it doesn't sweat) is it will keep you cold for a reasonable amount of time to get you through the day.

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