Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Angry Review

Normally I do not like to put people's businesses down but I am BEYOND disappointed with an experience that I did have this weekend. If you are in NYC, Manhattan to be exact please DO NOT EVER order from MAMA'S RESTAURANT. I had to wait 3 whole hours for my food. What type of shit is that? I am just disgusted at this experience. Too disgusted to really go on much further with this post. I tried to get my money back but since they did end up delivering it I could not. There was one delivery guy that night & I know that he was probably busting his ass trying to get all of these orders out so what kind of heartless person would I be to just deny the food? But thanks to seamless' great customer service I did get some seamless cash. So I have $7.01 to spend within the following year. It may not seam like much but lord knows that this will come in handy one day.

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