Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre Poo 101

As I currently sit here with a plastic bag over my head and a bunch of oils and coconut milk in my hair I have decided to share with you guys a little of my hair care secrets. First I will say that I have naturally curly hair, a cross between 4b and 4c.
Okay so I do wash from as little as 4 days a part and sometimes a full week apart. It all depends on my schedule and if I feel like washing my hair or not. One step that I NEVER skip is prepooing. There are many ways to do it but here is how I do it.
I use a mix of natural oils; peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and ylang ylang oil. They all have their own benefits but you can research oils and what they do can do for you to make the decision on which ones to purchase. Lastly, I mix all of these oils with coconut oil. Most of my applicator bottle consist of coconut oil and maybe 3 or 4 drops of the other oils.
I tend to add these oils to my scalp via the applicator bottle and just kind of rub my hair around so it gets on my hair too.
Next I detangle using DNA detangler (this also works as a leave in conditioner. Your choice on if you would like to use it for that as well.) During this time i simply just find part my hair, tie up the rest with a scrunchie, spray the detangler on my hair and then work its through using my fingers to detangle.
When all is done, I add a bag to my head and leave it on there for about 45 minutes. After that comes the wash.
Hope you all enjoyed :)
Also, I have decided to add coconut milk to my preproo routine so I will be letting you guys know how that goes.

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