Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Can I Make It In This City?!

I have to admit that after graduating from college this February it has been a struggle. My first job just weeks after finishing my education was at a call center. I was indeed grateful to find work so quickly but months of being at this job I realized I was not happy. I majored in fashion merchandising and felt like I put starting my career on hold just for a check. So for months I looked for work and finally I found a company that was willing to hire me. But now, just being here not even two months, I am feeling to urge to look for a second job. Hours are being cut back tremendously and I am barely even working. It is really depressing to keep feeling like I am being set back over and over again. Yes, I am glad that I am working in my field now and yes, I am glad that I was given the opportunity to be a visual merchandiser but this is still not enough. I went on a couple of interviews yesterday and I am really hoping that I made a great impression and a particular company will extend a job offer to me. It is only temporary but I can feel it in my soul that my experience there will open doors for me big time. Until then, I will just wait and keep searching.

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