Monday, June 20, 2016

Swarovski Sale!

While at work just a day before my birthday, I came across a customer with a glamorous wrap bracelet around her wrist. I had to ask the affable customer who I had been helping just moments earlier where she got the stunning piece. From my surprise she told me Swarovski. Back in college I had a temporary liking for the brand but then lost my love for jewelry but gained it all back once I got a good job and stepped foot in Kay Jewelers. I thanked the lady and ran to the POS laptop to check out the bracelet on the Swarovski website and shockingly the bracelet was only $69. With multiple colored crystals and being that the bracelet was a wrap style, I thought the price would have been much higher. Just hours until my special day, I knew I had to make it to the nearest Swarovski store because this bracelet needed to be mine. I rushed closing at my job that night and made it into Swarovski literally just minutes before their closing. Out of breathe and in a scramble I began to look around the store for the bracelet the charmed me the most. Then I came across it.
It fit my bracelet perfectly (which meant a lot to be being that I have a small wrist) and the gray basically compliments any outfit. Below are more examples of bracelets that they have for sale. The price drops are amazing.

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