Friday, April 1, 2016

Is Coach Played Out?

As I look at the bags on the shoulders of people in Chelsea I see so many different names. I guess women are loyal to the brand that they love and some just buy a bag that they like despite the designer. But I had an innocent conversation with my co-workers and we talked about their view on Coach. They thought that maybe the brand was starting to fade out and despite their feelings toward it, there has always been one brand that I immediately run to when I feel the need to splurge on a new bag(s) and that is Coach. Since I am not where I dream to be financially I have no shame in admitting that I do love to hit up the Coach outlets whenever I am out of town. But to get back to the debate on if Coach is played out or not, that is something that I would have to disagree with my co-workers on. I am not trying to bias because I love the brand but I have seen a few people still happily sporting their Coach bags although there is so much competition on the market. I love Coach because it is a bag that I can afford, it is authentic leather, and the customer service is great. I picked up two bags while I was there. But here is a photo of the backpack.

This is an image directly from their website. The backpack that I got at their outlet store has a bit of different detailing. The logo is above the top turn lock and there are no studs on the side. Also, at the outlet the bags only came in black, a hot pink, and brown. The official Coach website has more options.

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