Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Few Hair Changes

I have been natural for maybe 5 plus years but yet my hair is barely armpit length. I did make some changes in the summer of 2014 & saw improvement quickly and growth. I then cut my hair while so call giving my self a trim and took off maybe 2 inches most. Made the same mistake the following summer (when will I learn?) lol But I think I am at the point now where I was the summer I saw improvement some time back. But the great thing about this natural hair journey is that that is exactly what it is - a journey. So throughout this year I did make some mistakes and cut my hair way more than I should have but lets not forget that it is just hair so it will grow back thankfully. But my usual regimen is me washing it every week (either cowash or shampoo, depends on which one I feel like using) and moisturizing with water as well as my moisturizer of choice a the moment. For the winter I am choosing to protective style and my usual choice is a wig being that I can get to my hair whenever I like but I have decided that I would like to choose something long term because I feel like washing my hair weekly is just too much & I would really love to embrace my natural hair oils. So for this experiment I will be using:

Used this for the first time today & this felt amazing! I was cleaning my room & my scalp got uncomfortably hot so I just added a few pumps of this to it & felt immediate relief.

This here is dry shampoo & whenever I am itching for a wash I will just use this. I have use it before & I feel like it is a pretty decent and convenient product. (Also I will actually shampoo my hair every 2 weeks. No more co washing for the winter.)

This is Eden BodyWork's Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk. This product softens hair as well as moisturizes it which is why I purchased it. You can also put this in before you style your hair and it can be used as a detangler (Fun facts). I also purchased the jojoba & monoi one but I will use that one once I finish this bottle.
But this is seriously all I plan on using this winter. I try to keep my products to a minimum & please believe I will be keeping you guys updated with results. Hopefully I see some growth come spring time. Aiming for 10 inches (cross your fingers for me :).
Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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