Saturday, November 14, 2015

Job Search Success!

Hello all, a few weeks ago or so I was telling you guys how I was doing some job searching being that my primary job is not giving me enough hours. So I just wanted to update you all on how that was going. I did get an offer to a training that took place today. After completing the training I realized that this is a company that I would rather not go forward with. I feel like it won't be beneficial to anything that I am trying to do. I still do not know if I passed that training but at this point I really don't mind either way.
Yesterday I did get a call back from Mandee. I did interview with them a little less than a month ago and they extended me and offer. It is just a seasonal position but I feel like I will enjoy this job more than the other one because it is more in my element. I can sell fashion to anyone! I am still looking for another part time job. I plan on going to an Urban Outfitters job fair this week so wish me luck!

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