Monday, September 24, 2012

Shopping Has Officially Got The Best Of Me =/

I swear, when I get paid I run straight to the mall. I have had a job since September of last year and ughhh! I mostly splurge on clothes. So for now on, I've decided to save my money and when I go home to New York for the Thanksgiving holiday, blow SOME of money. Especially for Black Friday. But until then, here is what I am dreaming of getting.
Sorry about the crappy graphics.

But I really want the perfect asymmetrical skirt and I think this may be it. I'm going to consider ordering it for the Spring.

That leather skirt is just TOO adorable not to want. I really have two skirts so as a young lady I feel I need to increase my collection and I think that this skirt would be the perfect addition.

Galaxy leggings are the cutest things and I really would like a pair that look good but at the same time won't run up my pockets and I think these are great. Although, I am not the biggest fan of leggings I really do want these. I'm just hoping I do not buy them and then toss them in the corner like I have done other leggings.

Lastly, I need a new purse. I would love this one in black. I currently have only ONE here with my while at school and its a cute pink Coach purse my mom got for me and I figured it would be the only one I needed because I don't really go out and secondly, its a nice size bag so I can fit a lot into it. Small purses are cute but bigger ones are much more convenient. This purse would be great for the summer when I am back home.


  1. I suck in saving my money!! But I want to every months and then - I find something I really^^ want and all my money is gone -_-
    So enjoy New York and shopping =)

  2. I want those galaxy leggings so bad! :)
    I'm your new follower.

    Love, J

  3. I love that skirt! I love leather look right now!
    Following you!

    Rachael xoxo

  4. thanks for leqaving a comment, yes i want to follow each other, followed u ~

  5. I love,looove everything here,babe!Great job!;-)

  6. great post!!! love it ;)
    i follow you now!! i hope you follow me back because i love your blog!
    kisses pretty

  7. Wonderful!!!