Monday, May 28, 2012

My Welcome Back To New York

I've missed New York dearly, and while being away from it for school, I realized how much I'm actually attached to it. I can't explain the happiness I feel knowing that there is a Deli on every corner [ very convenient ) and also just being surrounding by so many stores and eating places; you could never say that you don't know what you want to eat because there's a little of something every where. I love going on the west side of Manhattan the most. I discover so many restaurants and the ones that look yummy the most, I add them on my bucket list for me to go to one day when I'm in the mood to go out. I just love the whole feel of New York; the different fashion, the different foods, the street fairs, and the friendly people. The only downfall about it all, is paying for trains and money goes fastttt in New York because almost everything is an attraction. It feels amazing to be home again :)


  1. I LOVE New York!! You are so lucky to live there, very jealous aha! x

  2. Wow love new york, never been myself but looks like such a cool city :)

  3. Love NY so much!!!
    Ey! you have an interesting blog!
    like to follow each other?? I hope so! we could stay in contact...
    I already follow you!

  4. the best city on this planet!!

  5. SO jealous that you live in New York, I've always wanted to visit!


  6. Awww, my friends and I are going to NY for the first time this month, and omg I cannot wait ;-) NY is absolutely lovely!! Thanks for commenting and following my blog....I'm following u too ;-)