Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

Okay so I've been a little off and on about these shoes for a while. First I thought they were hideous, then I wanted them; then I thought they were horrendous, then I wanted them. But the price was just something I could not do. Being the eBay addict that I am, I went and searched for Lita's hoping that maybe someone would be selling them for cheaper and I came across a beautiful pair, only to find out that they were Lita dupes. In my opinion, these dupes were far more beautiful than any pair that Jeffrey Campbell have ever created. They were black and leather with a imitation wooden heel, and the shoe were covered in studs. At the time the shoes were $60 and being that I would be paid a couple of days from then, that was no problem. But, with my luck, they had been bidded up to a price that was much higher then I was willing to pay; and that's when the obsession for the faux Jeffrey Campbells began.
I decided to order a black sued pair from eBay, which came out to be $52 all together, and I'm honestly regretting it a little because being that I'm back in New York, these dupes are all over for lovely prices. But yesterday my best friend and I came across a store that sold the faux shoes, and the colors they had were amazing. So, at the end of the day, my best friend and I got a pair. I got a sea foam green and she got a coral. Did I forget to mention they were only $29.99 a pair. Best deal ever for these beauties.